Our qualified engineers use biologically-biased magnetosphere osculation equipment to measure environmental magnetic flux strengths.

Signal super-heterodynes of the highest standard are used to data-log and electronically witness all frequency spectrums recorded.

Frequency Calculus:
Substation bio-electromagnetic tests electronically data-file the following frequencies:
1) "X" 50 Hz (first field axis)
2) "Y" 50 Hz (second field axis)
3) "Z" 50 Hz  (third field axis)
4) "ALL 3D" (the above all together)
5) Second Harmonic (double the field 100 Hz)
6) Third Harmonic (triple the field 150 Hz)

Electromagnetic risk profile reports include "real-time" multiple-frequency graph-format data for each area tested.

Harmonic processing experts perform the frequency calculus, drawing direct comparisons with biological guidelines. This is part and parcel of the mathematical study included in all our reports.

However, as an impartial second witness, it is essential that all aspects of the frequency calculus are provided directly to the client and that they have the opportunity to speak in person with the attending engineer.